Escape rooms

Open the Door
Your Challenge Begins

Take a break from your routine and step into an alternate reality in a single or multiplayer mode.

Test your skills, speed and group game as you confront and solve real cyber security and HR-

related challenges. Your mission if you accept: Find the breach, stop the attack and save your organization. Implement your cyber awareness training, find the weakness and escape the room.


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Virtual training

People are
your greatest

but also
a major risk...

Cyber attacks are imminent. It is just a matter of time and you must be ready.

Training your team in the old fashion ways such as powerpoint presentations, lectures and tutorials will not do the trick.

The alarming increase in cyber attacks due to human errors over the years shows clearly the need for a change.

Our modern era dictates human need for short excitements and new interests all the time. Substantial learning can only be achieved by capturing their full attention.

The cyber room gives you a real exciting challenge and will transform the cyber awareness training forever.

Select Your

Hacker perspective

The Hacker’s Room is a depiction of a typical image associated with how hackers operate.
You need to hack their way of the room. You will need to identify the target, gain access
to the target’s computer, steal the critical information/data, and send in the ransomware.

office attack

The office computers are hacked you need to identify the source of the hack and stop it. Find clues which contain the password to the encrypted files and use it to find a file which is still intact and does not give an error when entering the password.


Have you ever been afraid that someone is watching you from your webcam? taking private pictures downloading them to the net? Does anyone else knows your bank or facebook or gmail credentials? You need a secure house to call it your fortress.

Secured Development

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The challenge

The thrill and excitement can’t be matched, teamwork is a must, playing games and winning is in our nature (blood at any age). The trendy popular escape room offers a strong alternative to effective training solutions.

Unique Experience

Nothing you’ve learnt has ever looked like this before. As you enter the room, you enter an alternate reality that will awaken your senses and keep you on your toes.

Break from Routine

No need to look for an excuse to take a break. Step into the escape room and fight evil, if you’re sure you have what it takes to come out.

Learn in Motion

No dozing off in this class! The thrill of the room will keep you moving and alert, taking in the information and using it correctly, if you wish to ever come out…

Practice Teamwork

You know your team is better than the rest, but can you prove it? When the door closes behind you, you have only your merits to rely on if you want to be the first team out.

Which door
would you like
to enter?




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